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Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.So,anyone reading any version?Maybe the current IDW ongoing?Anything?

Moving this thread from Indie Comics to Modern Comics stuff. Although, TMNT is classic, but it still a running issue, until today.

Original Mirage comics started in 1984,so its not really modern.But okay,its still ongoing.In theory,we havent see a Mirage issue since 2014 and Laird got burned out on turtles,so he probably isnt working on a new one.
But we do have the excelent IDW series. Smile
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So anyhow,the Darius Dun/Street Phantom arc is over.And it was okay.Some great pieces of character development,some wedges are driven into turtles relations with Harold and with Splinter.Villains were not that impressive,but not everyone can be Shredder or Krang or Baxter.And thats okay too.
First arc of the TMNT universe its also over.It was awesome.We got Bishop,Baxter Stockman and even Madam Null.And it even sets up bigger things to come.Next arc will be about Mutanimals and Leatherhead and I say,bring it on.

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