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Skimming thru Previews
Marvel Previews Nothing terribly new.
-More Deadpool stuff,Deadpool the Duck,Gwenpool,more Gwenpool titles
-Golden Skull?At least Ewing is trying.
-Doctor Strange/Punisher is either the coolest team up ever or the dumbest.Or both.
-Haven't really noticed any changes in creative team,so things carry on as they were.
-And a bunch of Wolverine stuff,because movie.
-IIRC I mentioned Monsters Unleashed before,but there is also that event.
-Preview for Clone Conspiracy calls it the darkest Spiderman story ever.Thats nice...
I haven't yet gotten to the others,but Ill get around to it soon.

The other one:
-WWE ongoing by Dennis Hopeless?Thats just weird.
-Justice League/Power Rangers-even weirder
-Kamandi is back.
-Justice League vs Suicide Squad.Great;another Civil War-esque event.Like we dont get enough of those from Marvel.
-Ryan Choi is Atom again.I assumed they would want Ray Palmer because of the CW-verse,but okay.Also Killer Frost,Vixen and The Ray get Rebirth issues,speaking of TV.
-Jock is taking over the art duties for All Star Batman.Thats not so bad.
-After I am Suicide,Swamp Thing comes to Gotham.I hope that goes better then the last time.Or its a backup story.
-Fall and rise of Captain Atom.Nice.
-Image has a lot of promising teams(duh?),but the premises of the series dont really appeal to me TBH.
-And a Youngblood revival.I give it two issues before Rob gives up.
-Didnt even know there was a Legend of Zelda manga.Not surprised thou.
That took way longer then i thought it would.
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I think the Dante one-shot from Image looks interesting (page 198). I am a fan of the artist, Darick Robertson.

Here's Images pitch:

Quote:Dante was a family man with a wife and young daughter, and also a top assassin working for an international crime syndicate. For two decades he worked hard to keep these two lives separate and was then ready to retire. Manipulated into thinking he could quit with the syndicate’s blessing, Dante was betrayed and accidentally killed a young Asian boy while fi ghting to save himself. This act changes him forever as he is supernaturally cursed and wakes up inexplicably covered with tattoos. Dante tries to uncover the source of this supernatural curse while looking for his family that has now disappeared.

[Image: Dante001_cover.jpg]

Lady Castle from Boom Studios (pg 294) might be interesting, but I am a little skeptical.

Knight Guardians of Relativity
from Titan1 Studios (pg 420) might also be worth checking out. Here's the pitch:

Quote:Recovering from the ravages of the Fourth Great War, a mysterious band of men and women called the Knight Guardians are dispatched to humanity’s remaining six City States to investigate the murder of their revered brother Knight and protect the last remaining Relativity Machine from those seeking to harness the power of temporal travel and achieve immortality.


Khall - The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor is the one book I am actually excited about (Titan Comics, pg 406). This is a Euro book translated to English. It is drawn by Valentin Secher, artist of another Euro book, The Metabarons which just came out with the first new book in many years; Book 1: The Techno-Admiral & The Anti-Pope.

Here is the pitch:

Quote:In a galaxy decimated by a brutal war, an ancient prison ship, called Empyreon, floats alone in the void.

Within its ancient walls a new battle rages, as the three races who inhabit the doomed ship vie for the resources that will ensure their survival. Peace is an impossibility as Khaal, the leader of the humans, is as bloodthirsty and ruthless as they come. As his enemies gather in the shadows, Khaal is thrust into the limelight as he fights for his life…

[Image: Khaal1_Cover_A_-Valentin-Secher-600x910.jpg]

[Image: Khaal-Interior-page-1-600x808.jpg]

[Image: Khaal-Interior-page-2-600x808.jpg]

[Image: Khaal-Interior-page-3-600x808.jpg]

I see BC is still going on about that J. Scott Campbell cover...
I did hear a lot about Metabarons and Jodoverse,I even read the first 4 volumes of Incal,but it just kinda didnt click with me..
Its that time again; Marvel Previews
-Bullsye,Kingpin and Elektra series,but we knew that.
-Monsters Unleashed event and its tie-ins
-Inhumans VS X-men event and its tie-ins
-Is there a series here Cullen Bunn isnt writing?
-Yeah,nobody saw Jackal is evil there Rolleyes
-Mac Gargan is back as Scorpion.I like that.
-Thunderbolts #10 is a 20 anniversary issue,with Busiek and Bagley back(for a part of it).The cover shows every Thunderbolt member ever.Including Charcoal,who I thought dead and legally disputed.So hell yeah! Smile
-Matt Horak takes over as the artist on Punisher.I have no idea who is Matt Horak,so i cant say anything.
-A whole lot of Wolverine stuff
-Spidermans Tangled Web Omnibus,nice.
-Wait,wait,wait...a NIGHTRAVEN collection?Never thought I would see that day.Did they just now remember Alan freaking Moore wrote it and that might get people interested?

Previews-Its a chore,but I like to know what to expect
-Planet of the apes/Green Lantern crossover
-2000AD 40th anniversary special
-Oh yeah,Cullen Bunn is also writing Conan.Does this guy ever sleep?
-The Wild Storm
-JLA by Steve Orlando.Interesting.Orlando really has a good grasp of DC's more obscure characters.So right off the bat-Extremists,Who remembers those guys?
-Batwoman Rebirth.We did see that coming.Not that Im complaining.
-Well,you saw Direct Currents #1,so why am I even bothering with DC previews? Wink
-Highlander #1
-Invincible begins its final arc.Dont screw this up Kirkman.
-After DC-IDW-Image part you get into plain weird territory.
-Valiant is really disappointing these past few months
Well,that was a waste of time. Sad
Marvel Previews If you haven't heard the news,there is a big X-men event coming thats the theme.Marvel decided to change their approach there,it seems.
-Monsters Unleashed,still
-Man-thing is back.Nice.
-Clone Cospiracy Omega promises a new Spider-book(Scarlet Spider,maybe?) by Peter David and Mark Bagley.Sign me up for that.
-Venom will fight Spiderman,who saw that coming? Smile
-Oh funt,Malin is still here Angry
-That Deadpool event Dodgy
-Darth Maul by Cullen Bunn.Seriously,Marvel,other writers need to eat too.Give them a job.
-I think we can all guess what got collected and who got the focus here
-X-men Origins Firestar?That is an odd one.
-They are advertising Logan,also odd

And the Previews:
-X-O Manowar is renumbered as #1.How very Marvel of them.If its a continuation,then continue it as #51,just saying
-Some pretty sweet figures by Square Enix.Shame they never used their designs in a animated series,or a movie.
-TMNT Dimension X event in August.Sounds promising.
-Hellboy,Lobster Johnson,Black Hammer-Dark Horse is looking pretty good.
-Batwoman series,nice
-Superman/Action comics crossover that reveals the truth about Mr Oz.Its Ozymandias,we figured it out.
-Bane is back!I hope King does him more justice this time.
-JLA by Steve Orlando,also promising.
-Those DC/Hana Barbera crossovers.Thats weird.
-Justice League/Power Rangers
-Collections I mentioned before
-I still haven't finished Fables.Im getting around to it
-IDW has more Deviations.Including Judge Dredd.What if he stayed a werewolf?
-TMNT Mutanimals and Metalhead stories.Thats cool.
-Buisness as usual for pretty much everyone else
-More HookJaw.Which is always welcomed.
-Bloodshot is renumbered.What happened to you,Valiant,you used to be cool?

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