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General/Free For All topic
Lets have a place to spam about everything.Like this place. Smile 

So after Kickass Torrents and a few other torrent sites,Comix4Free is also down.Is there some crackdown going on or something?
In case you didn't find it by now,Kickass is now on
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Wow i had my doubts but a quick google search revealed that this is indeed the original KAT mods doing this. Kudos to them and good luck. They have always been my go to back up when I couldn't find something on the newsgroups.
wow thanks @InvaderZim Smile
Ahh well, maybe i also will try to ask it here. Does anyone know where to find a good collection of Vector images? Particularly that have cute image for kids, such as animals, plants, and stuff.
*Waves* so.. how is everyone ???
I'm okay, been reading more comics than I think I should... Maybe I have a problem
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