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BC Bestseller of the week list
Ofc,its on a limited sample of shops,so in other places things might look differently.
Detective takes the first,CW2 takes the second place.And (un)surprisingly Venom takes the fourth place. Smile
As somebody in the article points out;Marvel has to get their shit together.Maybe focus more on quality over quantity.If Batgirl is outselling your super mega event,you have a problem.No offense to Batgirl.
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much thx for this
Another one.
For a while now we had pretty much the same list 7-8 DC titles,1 Image title,and 1-2 Marvel titles.No surprise this week.
Now I get why people bought USAvengers,its an Avengers book and a #1,but why Deadpool the Duck?
Last week was pretty much all DC.I doubt anything will change this week,but we shall see tommorow.
New list,same as the old list

1. Justice League Suicide Squad #5
2. Batman #15
3. Justice League #13
4.  Superman #15
5. Nightwing #13
6.  Star Wars Dr Aphra #3
7. Trinity #5
8. Amazing Spider-Man #23
9.  Clone Conspiracy #4
10. Monsters Unleashed 1
Looks like nobody really cares about Monsters Unleashed.But they did do marginally better then the past few weeks.
I don't even know what that's about, I skimmed through it, but meh
[Image: j6AV7Pm.jpg]
I thought it would be interesting to see whats selling these days.
No, I meant Monsters unleashed
[Image: j6AV7Pm.jpg]
Oh that...Some monsters attack,when did Marvel events ever make sense?
Haha, yeah. DC`s doing events right. JL vs SS is once a week and ending next week.
[Image: j6AV7Pm.jpg]

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